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Staff & Volunteers

Procedure for Screening Staff and Volunteers

Day Care Plus assumes the responsibility for the selection of suitable staff and volunteers. A professional judgement will be made relating to the prospective employee's education, professional experience, references, and good moral character.

The Methods and procedures used by Day Care Plus in order to determine good moral character are determind by the following policy of Day Care Plus.

  • Verification of past employment
  • Verification of education
  • Verify age
  • Centeral Registry Clearance ( available thru Oakland County Family Independent Agency)
  • Perform a criminal history check by using Michigan Department of State Police's internet criminal history access toll (ICHAT)

Guest, volunteers, and parents visiting the center, will be paired up with a staff member and asked to work side by side as a team. Day Care Plus will not leave children unattened, or without adults who have been properly screened.

All guest and volunteers, having contact with children will be asked to complete and sign a screening statement that asks whether they have been convicted of any crimes, other than a minor trafffic violation, and if so, provide information about the conviction.